2022 FAMAS Awards Complete List of Winners

All eyes are on Katips: The Movie as it won seven awards including Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Film at the 70th FAMAS Awards. Set for a commercial run starting August 3rd, Katips premiered on November 2021 and was adapted from the 2016 stage musical “Katips: Ang Mga Bagong Katipunero.”

Katips will go head-to-head with a film that recounts the last days of a deposed dictator’s family in the Presidential Palace as they were driven out by the nation that they abused and plundered. But of course, people easily forget especially when history can be manipulated via disinformation. Today, even the devil has a sob story to tell and people can be swayed to believe them if they have the means to do it.

This is why a film like Katips, which reflects the true history of the nation, is important. This country has already failed in honoring its past and the blood spilled to ensure its freedoms. Let’s make sure that we don’t all forget.

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Katips: The Movie shows abuses of Marcos’ Martial Law

On August 3, the Philippines will bear witness to a movie that serves as an exclamation point to the landslide win that reinstalled this country’s greatest shame to Malacañang. Whether it was the result of years of propaganda and fake news, online manipulation, or there really were just 31 million Filipinos who are rotten to the core and willing to overlook the thousands who were murdered, abused, and suffered under the very families that they now worship, the grim fact remains. The Marcoses are back in power along with the heir of a copycat strongman whose name is synonymous with misogyny and abuse.

But while most people and companies resort to ass-kissing for survival and even when all hope seems lost, there will always be a few that will stand up against injustice.

The Philippine Stagers Foundation has produced musicals over the years featuring the lives of heroes and martyrs, the suffering that they endured, and the snapshot of the world that needed them at the time. This year, they are back doing what they do best.

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Philippine Stagers Foundation presents Vince Tañada’s Palanca-winning play

Philippine Stagers Foundation founder and director Vincent Tañada recently bagged the Grand Prize of the Full-Length Play Category, Filipino Division for Ang Bangkay at the 62nd Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. 

Ang Bangkay is a period tale that tells of the darkness that unravels after the death of a family matriarch. It is a 180° leap from any of Tañada’s previous works that I have seen and by far, the best of the lot. The play gives us access to the dark recesses of the mind of the same man that authored the inspirational Enzo, Ako si Ninoy, Cory ng Edsa, and Joe: A Filipino Rock’sical. 

Tañada is also a recent awardee of the Aliw Awards and the Broadwayworld Awards. 

Pooled Reviews: Joe, A Filipino Rock’sical

Joe: A Filipino Rock’sical tells a story of a group of artists who are pooled together to create a show about Rizal. It is a creative journey that tries to get to the core of the country’s foremost hero with the characters ending up seeing the essence of Rizal within themselves. 

Joe was launched last July 15th at St. Scholastica’s College in Manila. It is the 11th season offering of the Philippine Stagers Foundation. Here are some reviews posted about the preview performance:


What’s most unforgettable throughout the play was the character of Turing played by Gabby Bautista. He was brilliant and he exuded the discipline and behavior of an adult actor at his age. I really loved his performance and he is one character in Joe: A Filipino Rock’sical you should never miss. I will definitely recommend the play to all students in search of answers about Rizal or simply wanting to enjoy a well-prepared theatrical performance. It is definitely prescriptive to better understand Rizal in our lives at present.

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Cory ng EDSA

I first saw Cory ng Edsa as it was presented to the Cojuangco family for critique before the actual launch of the show last July. Having seen shows by bigger and more established theater companies, I did not expect much from the obviously junior group. Add up the fact that the subject of the EDSA revolution has been tackled time and again by masters and mediocre directors alike in film and Cory being the centerpiece of the show just seems mundane.

The Cojuangco Family giving their feedback to the group

Performing in nothing more than uniform printed shirts, some jeans, and an imaginary moving backdrop, the group started what I expected to be the longest two hours of my theater-viewing life. I was wrong.

From the opening number in a room that can barely hold almost 50 members of the ensemble, to the perfectly executed intimate and dramatic scenes among the main cast, the 15 or so members of the audience, myself included, held our breath and from time to time wiped our tears as we witnessed what could be the most important theater event of the year.

When the applause died down, the much-coveted endorsement of the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation was easily given and the stage-musical event that is a must-see for every Filipino was set to begin its series of shows.

Aliw Awardee for Best Director, Vince Tañada plays the reporter that chronicled the life of the former President (Cindy Liper plays Cory with Glory Ann Nacional as alternate, and Patrick Libao alternates as the reporter.)

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