CIMB Bank Announces 500,000th Customer, expands strategic partnership with GCash


CIMB Bank Philippines (CIMB Bank PH) announced that it has garnered 500,000 customers, approximately six months after opening its doors for business in the Philippines. The milestone was reached anchored on a strong proposition of co-creation and partnership between CIMB Bank and GCash.

The all-digital, mobile-first CIMB Bank PH, was launched in early 2019 with a goal of bringing a unique and differentiated banking proposition to Filipinos. Anchored on a DNA of strong strategic partnerships and solving customer pain points digitally, CIMB Bank PH had forged a partnership with GCash, to allow GCash’s customers direct, paperless and seamless access to savings account services, a product termed GSave. GCash is an epayments platform owned by Mynt, the revolutionary fintech startup of Globe Telecom, Ayala Corporation and Ant Financial, an affiliate of Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group.

Tengku Dato’ Sri Zafrul Aziz, Group CEO, CIMB Group, who was in Manila to celebrate this milestone said, “CIMB Bank PH is surely the fastest growing bank in ASEAN, a wonderful achievement, and a strong testament of things that can be achieved in the regime of digital-only banks. We are motivated by this and will continue to innovate for our customers. Well done to the teams.”

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GCASH Mastercard – the easier way to use GCASH and own a debit card

GLOBE just launched a new and easier way to use GCASH – the GCASH Mastercard! I am pretty excited to be among the first ones to try it on the 10th Anniversary celebration of GCASH at the Eastwood Mall Open Park where over 50 partner merchants came together in a 3-day bazaar that kicked off last night and will last until October 26th.

I have always been a fan of GCASH with its American Express Virtual Card. In fact, most of my online shopping transactions were done using this. Not only does it automatically give me a US Address upon sign-up where I can get my items delivered, but I can also use it on online shopping sites that require a US-released card. The US address via also enables me to have my purchases delivered straight to my Philippine address at the lowest shipping rates. This is also the singular, most important advantage of using GCASH over all other debit cards in the market today.

Now, you may ask, why then is there a need for GCASH Mastercard? 

For those that already have a GCASH Account, the first major benefit is that you would no longer need to go to a GLOBE store or their partner establishments to withdraw your GCASH funds if you needed cash. With a physical card, you may simply use any ATM nationwide

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Gadget shopping for the new year

To welcome the new year, we got a few upgrades to our current gadgets! It was really about time too! Since we usually skip one update, we make full use of the gadgets that we buy before we replace them. So this year, we retired our old iPhone 4s for a 5s and the older iPad 3 Retina for an iPad Air.

This is pretty much the happiest that a gadget junkie can get… until maybe when it’s time to replace my Macbook Pro but that would probably take a few more years.

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GCASH and IT Corea, Inc. forge partnership to offer innovative services to Koreans in the PH

A partnership between GCASH, the flagship mobile commerce service operated by G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom and Philippine-based Korean information technology firm IT Corea, Inc. was signed on November 5, 2013. The move aims to expand the GCASH userbase by tapping the Korean community in the Philippines and providing them access to mobile money services.

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is now available for digital downloads


After almost forever in gamer years of being pulled out due to unprecedented demand, Final Fantasy XIV is finally available for digital downloads today, 9/16/2013.

Sales have initially halted this August after FFXIV’s re-launch due to server instability. Those who were lucky enough to get a copy have been suffering through log-in restrictions and other emergency measures placed to keep the servers from exploding.

Digital downloads for FFXIV are now available at Square Enix or Amazon for $29.99 only. If you do not have a credit card, you may easily set-up a GLOBE GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay account and use it for hassle-free online purchases. Alternatively, you may get the boxed copy (price could be a little bit higher from your friendly-neighborhood Datablitz), but I hear that one is perennially out of stock. Click here to learn more about GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay.

Latest online steal: Logitech G700S Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

September 2, 2013

Sale Season is once again up as the US celebrates Labor Day. The good news is, you don’t have to be in the US to take advantage of huge discounts as you can always shop in the convenience of your own homes with GCASH American Express Virtual Pay.

Here are 3 big Labor Day Sale offers that you can check out:

7” Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet, from $199 to $159. Make sure you check out this special page on Amazon dedicated to the Labor Day Sale!
Extra 50% off select sale items on (until Sept. 2 only)
Extra 40% off select styles on (until Sept. 2 only)

Also, check out the article below and see how you can get huge savings simply by shopping online.

August 9, 2013


Less than a month ago, I posted about how I was able to get an item that was no longer available in PH stores by shopping online using GCASH American Express Virtual Pay. Not only was I able to get a hard-to-find item, I also saved almost 50% of how it was supposed to cost locally by getting the best deal online. (Check out details here)

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Online Shopping with GCASH American Express Virtual Pay


Over the last couple of weeks, I have been checking the local Kenneth Cole shops for a very specific model of a watch that I saw on their website. Unfortunately, this elusive model was either out of stock or was no longer sold here in the country that I decided to give up on it and started scouting for alternatives.


The Kenneth Cole KC1885 as listed in the brand’s own website

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X-Men: Days of Future Past and the Future of Shopping

I used to collect Marvel comic books and trading cards when I was a kid. I had like a gazillion of them left in my room in perfectly mint condition. Then when I was away for college, we had to transfer houses. My mom, who packed my stuff, didn’t know the value of my collection at the time so she left them all in our old house for the movers to do god-knows-what with them.   I was devastated for weeks so I decided to switch my collection to anything digital as it 1. saves time and boxes when you have to move condos and 2. they’re accessible anywhere and I wouldn’t have to worry about them getting left behind again.   But the recent film adaptation of X-Men: Days of Future Past sparked nostalgia in me and I just have to have a hardcover copy of it. Sure the film was pretty awesome but they did change the story quite a bit and I just want to read (and own) the original again. The kindle and paperback copies simply will not do for this fan-boy so I checked out the local Filbars stores if they have it in stock. Obviously, I was not the only one that wanted a copy so they were all out and they have no idea when they will have them again. This means that I have to get the copy online which is what I should have done in the first place.    

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