The Fall of the Dictatorship

The article below is posted at the Official Gazette of the Philippine Government. It details the events leading to the fall of the Marcos dictatorship that resulted in thousands of deaths, human rights violations, and billions of dollars worth of plunder. It is reposted here in case this gets taken down by the incoming administration.

In May 2022, Marcos Junior was voted by an overwhelming majority back in power. His campaign was allegedly fueled by years of rebranding and historical revisionism per Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, Brittany Kaiser. Marcos has denied this allegation. But what is undeniable is the existence of disinformation in multiple platforms – YouTube, Facebook, blogs, and Tiktok, all aimining to revise history in favor of its abusers.

Marcos Junior has yet to acknowledge his father’s responsibility in the atrocities committed under his rule. He also blocked the return of some $40 Million to the PH government as the key administrator of the his faily’s stolen wealth according to the Phillipine Commission on Good Government (PCGG).

The Marcos Family has had convictions both in the Philippines and in the US.


U.S. Court Upholds Damages Against Marcos

Ill-Gotten Wealth Recognized by the Philippine Supreme Court

Ferdinand Marcos Human Rights Litigation

Imelda Marcos convicted of graft, sentenced to prison

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