X-Men: Days of Future Past and the Future of Shopping

I used to collect Marvel comic books and trading cards when I was a kid. I had like a gazillion of them left in my room in perfectly mint condition. Then when I was away for college, we had to transfer houses. My mom, who packed my stuff, didn’t know the value of my collection at the time so she left them all in our old house for the movers to do god-knows-what with them.   I was devastated for weeks so I decided to switch my collection to anything digital as it 1. saves time and boxes when you have to move condos and 2. they’re accessible anywhere and I wouldn’t have to worry about them getting left behind again.   But the recent film adaptation of X-Men: Days of Future Past sparked nostalgia in me and I just have to have a hardcover copy of it. Sure the film was pretty awesome but they did change the story quite a bit and I just want to read (and own) the original again. The kindle and paperback copies simply will not do for this fan-boy so I checked out the local Filbars stores if they have it in stock. Obviously, I was not the only one that wanted a copy so they were all out and they have no idea when they will have them again. This means that I have to get the copy online which is what I should have done in the first place.    

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