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The Magical World of Disney

HK Disneyland

The first time that we went to Disneyland, it was August. The heat and humidity in Hong Kong that time of the year was unbearable even at early hours of the morning but we didn’t mind. From the time that we boarded the train with Mickey Mouse-shaped windows and matching handles, we were already in Fantasia and we could hardly contain our excitement.

A weekend cabin retreat near the Metro via AirBNB

I have always wanted to spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods. To be precise, I have always wanted to say that I spent a weekend in a cabin just like in them old Hollywood films. Of course my idea does not include the ‘roughing it’ part nor the scary monsters in that Joss Whedon film.



Batanes is on the travel bucket list of almost everyone I know, and for good reason. Everything that you read (and heard from Coco Martin in that Star Cinema movie) about how beautiful it is are all true. It is the one place that does not only live up to expectations, it actually eclipses them. But just like anything else that is worth experiencing, Batanes is not easily accessible to everyone.

Only two commercial airlines have flights to Batanes – Skyjet flies every SMWF, while Philippine Airlines has one flight daily. The airfare is more expensive than your usual domestic travel rate and flights often get canceled because of the temperamental weather this part of the country. As of 2015, PAL tickets can go as high as P17,500/head round trip. Skyjet is more affordable at a little over P7,000 round trip and a friend even got a ticket from one of their promos for only P500!!! That P500 made me want to kick someone in the shins out of jealousy so you may want to stalk these airlines for upcoming sale announcements.

Budget-friendly tips for an awesome weekend


P200 isn’t much these days especially if you plan to hang out with your friends. Going to the mall, watching a movie, eating your favorite meals usually mean a huge dent on your budget. So what you can do instead on a lazy weekend is invite a few friends over, watch movies or tv series on iflix, and prepare some budget-friendly grub that you can all enjoy.

My friends love my home-cooked adobo but this week, we decided to pretend that we were healthy and prepared something different. Armed with some leftover strawberries from Baguio and fruits from the local market, we threw together what eventually became our new favorite weekend snack – Banana Cheesecake Watermelon Pizza!

Starbucks whips up Harry Potter’s Butterbeer


Muggles rejoice! We may yet be able to have a taste of the famous Butterbeer of Hogsmeade. This concoction comes as a frappuccino and not offically licenced to the Harry Potter franchise but I guess this will do until we are able to cross-over to the wizarding world.

While it isn’t advertised nationally, it is said that Starbucks is allowing customers to order the famous Harry Potter Butterbeer — so long as you provide them this recipe.

Online Shopping with GCASH American Express Virtual Pay


Over the last couple of weeks, I have been checking the local Kenneth Cole shops for a very specific model of a watch that I saw on their website. Unfortunately, this elusive model was either out of stock or was no longer sold here in the country that I decided to give up on it and started scouting for alternatives.


The Kenneth Cole KC1885 as listed in the brand’s own website