Katips: The Movie shows abuses of Marcos’ Martial Law

On August 3, the Philippines will bear witness to a movie that serves as an exclamation point to the landslide win that reinstalled this country’s greatest shame to Malacañang. Whether it was the result of years of propaganda and fake news, online manipulation, or there really were just 31 million Filipinos who are rotten to the core and willing to overlook the thousands who were murdered, abused, and suffered under the very families that they now worship, the grim fact remains. The Marcoses are back in power along with the heir of a copycat strongman whose name is synonymous with misogyny and abuse.

But while most people and companies resort to ass-kissing for survival and even when all hope seems lost, there will always be a few that will stand up against injustice.

The Philippine Stagers Foundation has produced musicals over the years featuring the lives of heroes and martyrs, the suffering that they endured, and the snapshot of the world that needed them at the time. This year, they are back doing what they do best.

“KATIPS: THE MOVIE”, the first film produced by Philstagers Films, will be released in cinemas on August 3rd. Based on the real-life experiences of writer/director/producer Vince Tañada, the film shows the struggles of common people who became victims of Martial Law in the ’70s.

The film stars Kapamilya actor Jerome Ponce, Vince Tañada, Mon Confiado, Johnrey Rivas, Lou Veloso, Nicole Laurel Asensio, Adelle Ibarrientos, Sachzna Laparan. Katips has earned 17 nominations at the upcoming FAMAS Awards and was based off a musical that won Best Original Musical Production at the 2016 Aliw Awards.

This will not be a fair competition to be sure as the well-publicized and well-funded film about the Marcoses will definitely have more cinema screenings. There are also unverified posts online of free tickets being given out to the public, and it reportedly being a requirement by some companies as a sure way to further sanitize the Marcos name. But here’s hoping that truth finds a way to survive these dark times.

Update: 07302022 Katips: The Movie won Best Musical Score, Best Original Song, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Film at the 70th FAMAS Awards.


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