Leni Robredo heeds calls to fight for the country, runs for President in 2022

October 7, 2021. Leni Robredo officially announced and filed her bid for the presidency earlier today. Robredo has been the face of the opposition for the last five years of the Duterte administration. She has been on the receiving end of abusive remarks from Duterte and his propagandists/trolls and fake news peddled by known supporters of both Duterte and Bongbong Marcos. Marcos was defeated by Robredo in a vice presidential race in 2016 and again on recounts instigated by Marcos himself.

Robredo has been the constant voice of justice in the country. She has been calling out the abuses of Duterte’s murderous drug war and has consistently helped the families of the victims. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, she tapped the same families to help in making personal protective equipment (PPE) sets for frontliners providing them with livelihood while aiding health professionals that badly needed government support.

During the pandemic, Robredo has done so much with what little budget was allotted to her office. With the help of the private sector and her supporters, Robredo was able to provide relief operations to poor communities, arrange for housing and transportation to health workers, and just constantly fill the gaps for an administration that refused to recognize her efforts. The same administration that was more concerned about propaganda at a time of crisis but has left the vulnerable sector stranded, starving, and begging on the streets.

This year, in the face of insurmountable odds and deep pockets of most of her opponents, the servant leader accepted the challenge to once again represent the PEOPLE. In a powerful speech, she declared, “Lalaban ako, lalaban tayo,” sparking hope in a citizenry battered by years of abuse, misogyny, blatant corruption, and murder disguised as nation-building.

This is not going to be an easy fight. Social media is only half the battle. We need to focus on young voters on Youtube and Tiktok where most of the targeted disinformation campaigns and historical revisionism happen. On Facebook, we need to educate the elderly who are often easily swayed by trolls and propaganda pages. Twitter and Reddit are fine.

There has to be volunteers in provinces and remote areas. These are places that are often only reached by administration candidates and probably sons of plunderers.

Leni Robredo runs as an independent candidate, isolating herself from the vilified Dilawan Liberal Party of the Aquino administration. Using pink as her choice of campaign color, the color flooded PH social media today from posts of influencers, celebrities, voters young and old, and even prominent brands. Kiko Pangilinan runs as her Vice-President.

This movement needs our help. We need everyone to join us – for the country and our future. To volunteer, you may sign up here.


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