NATIONAL PAGEANT-FIRST: Miss Universe Philippines front-runner comes out as bisexual

A former college cheerleader, and someone who would rather choose to fly domestic as a flight attendant to enjoy more free time for herself, has publicly come out as bisexual during the pageant’s preliminary interview rounds currently being held in Baguio City.

Kimberly “Billie” Hakenson, Miss Universe Philippines Cavite, is the first national-pageant contestant in the Philippines to come out as LGBTQ during the contest. Previously, Beatrice Luigi Gomez came out as gay during the Q and A portion of Binibining Cebu 2020. Coincidentally, Hakenson is also Cebu-based, although she is representing her hometown of Cavite.

“I am Billie Hakenson, and I am bisexual, and I’m proud to be here,” Hakenson proudly declared in front of a judges panel and while being filmed for the Episode 6 of the Ring Light Series of the Miss Universe Philippines.

The Preliminary Question rounds of he Miss Universe Philippines is also the first of its kind in the Philippines. Usually, interview rounds that determine the semifinalists are done closed-doors. Miss Earth initiated this pageant practice in 2017.

Before this open declaration about her sexuality, Hakenson previously shared her struggles with dermatitis.

“I suffer from eczema. It hits my confidence most and I have been subjected to ridicule in the worst ways, which is why pageantry is really important for me. Self love is really something that I’m struggling with but little by little I’m able to work on it, ” Hakenson declared during the swimsuit episode of the pageant series. Hakenson, 26, also joined Miss World Philippines 2019 (Top 12) and represented the Philippines to the Miss Teen Universe in 2013.

Hakenson is one of the frontrunners in the national pageant that sends the representative of the Philippines to the Miss Universe pageant. The coronation day will be held in Baguio City and will be streamed worldwide on October 25, 2020 at and TFC. The Finals will be telecast at 10am on GMA 7.


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