Social Media Apps that share money

Why share your digital content for free when you can earn from them with every time you post, and each time a follower hits the like button, or rates it, or supports you by watching the ads clipped to it. You don’t even have to be a largely-followed celebrity. You just need a striking original content, enough to gain attention and support.

Back in the day, advertising inserts are targeted to audience’s online behavior. With the introduction of the click-per-post schemes, content creators are given a portion of the allotted profit from every ad budget, once the target viewers are encouraged by their own interests to click.

TSU: The Social That Pays

Now, whether a viewer is targeted or not, regardless of their processed internet activities; they are now compelled by their own accord to click the ads and even finish the whole 45-seconders without even skipping. That seems to be the appeal of TSU, which prides itself as “Social that Pays.”

TSU was actually founded in 2013 and headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. Tsū was oddly comparable to Facebook in terms of their integral features and user interface. The unique proposition of Tsu, however, is its exceptional ability to share ad revenue among its users. The original compensation structure “was to keep 10 percent of the total ad revenue for itself, while half the remainder went to users and the other half to the network that brought the content creator to the platform. It was re-launched in September 2019, after a brief decline and complaints by other social networking platforms as “spam.” Having experienced such major setback, TSU incorporated a virtually “spam-free” protection guarantees.

Subscribers can earn from “supported contents” from other subscribers and “dividends” from every ad revenue. A usual heavy user can earn at least a dollar a week. We have tried TSU (account: archiemarx) and in a span of 2 weeks, we earned about 50 cents. The key seems to engage your followers to #support you by asking them for a mutual cooperation. We are not very particularly certain if such activity is platform-supported, but given its purpose and nature – there isn’t oddly any discord or technicality to speak of at the moment.

When it comes to social media networking gratification, it almost seems instant as followers have always been energetic to “support” every post on the timeline feeds – because each click and share may almost always guarantee a returned favor. This is why TSU harbors a sentiment among subscribers as “tsufamily.”

LYKA : Gems As Good As Cash

LYKA heralds itself as a “digital community” in which, as most social media platforms, it encourages connection, network, and interests-sharing among the subscribers. Compared to TSU, their reward system is almost instant – there are no ads to click – and one may marvel how the platform garners revenue to sustain itself.  Users get rewarded with GEMS (Gift card in Electronic Mode) for engagement such as sharing content, rating other posts, gaining a following, and spending time on the app. These LYKA Gems can also be purchased and transferred from user to user and can be used as good as a common currency.  LYKA gems can be exchanged for goods with their partner stores and restaurants. They can also be compounded overtime to earn enough to buy on their LYKA SHOP that sells gadgets, fashion and lifestyle goodies. LYKA gems can also be raffled by subscribers to encourage others to follow their accounts or “max-rate” their posts in as many and as often they demand. Every post “max-rated” would earn the user 0.5 gem, and every time an account owner posts anything, they earn another 0.5 gem. Chatting and watching “my-day” would also account for extra gem. In our account ( archiedelmundo), for the three-week duration, we’ve already earned 55 gems. Each gem amounts to 1 peso. Luckily we also received 3,000 gems from a random sharer. In less than 10 days, we received the corresponding cash equivalent to our bank account.  We’ve also followed celebrities like Troy Montero, Claudine Barretto, Janelle Jamer. Actress Andi Eigenmann has the most followers even with just a few post since she opened her account.

CLIPCLAPS: Reward for Laughs

Clipclaps is for funny clips-sharing aficionados. Each like a poster receives would earn them 1 coin. To compute the amount that user can earn, you have to set it to 1000 coins to 1 cent. Unless your video, preferably original and devoid of any watermarks and copyright claims becomes “super-viral – you can only earn at least a dollar per video. It may seem an uphill climb to earn enough, but Clipclaps also offer daily wheels and time-managed games to earn extra coins. They also have a portion in their app where you can bank your earnings so that the amount will mature with interests. We’ve so far earned 5 dollars in our account, and it can only be en-cashed after it reached the payment threshold of 10 dollars.


Although, we have tried these social apps that share earnings to their users on this article – and as such gave our word that we have at least personally earned a few bucks from them– we can only attest as much that they can augment to your satisfaction. The best way to earn remains to be gaining substantial employment or engaging in businesses of your own. In this time of pandemic and lockdowns, it is not too bad to try to earn a few bucks while you are still mostly at home and tinkering on your smartphones.

This goes without saying, as well, that we were not commissioned to feature any of the mentioned social media companies.

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