To renew or not to renew

It is that time of the year when my websites would alert for domain payment renewal. I think for about three years now, it has also meant contemplating if I should finally retire my blogs.

I’ve had my main blog since 2008. It has gone through at least three name changes and finally a spin-off travel site in 2015. Before I knew that blogs were a thing, I was already on Livejournal where people posted lengthy essays a la Facebook status messages/notes but without fake news and propaganda.

My first blog persona was Bumspot. The reason for that was because I started the blog while I was a bum trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. At the time, I had sporadic gigs as a photographer covering entertainment events. I figured I could use the photos that publications were not getting and recycle them as content. The access to celebrities and events came in handy and that started the entertainment blog route.

Entertainment blogging means easy clout and traffic because everyone loves celebrities and fans will read anything and everything about their idols. It was fun in the beginning but I never actually thought that I would do it for a long time simply because I realized shortly after I started that while I loved watching TV shows and movies, celebrities per se and their personal lives did not interest me. I also could not stand the repetitive and mostly mema questions asked during press conferences. But as the blog accumulated years of content and started getting projects and sponsors, it became hard to just let go and abandon.

Fast forward to 2019. To say that work has been busy is an understatement at this point. It wasn’t so much as the volume of the things that I needed to do but that I got transferred to two different departments over the last three years and each time, my work has gotten more challenging than the last. This isn’t a bad thing but for obvious reasons, the blogs had to take a backseat.

The first to go was attending events. In Manila, going out to attend anything means leaving hours beforehand to make the set call-time. If that isn’t enough of a time-waster, most events do not start on time. Organizers usually wait for hours for celebrity guests or even just attendees that are late to meet an expected headcount which is unacceptable. But with less interaction with PR folks, you get to have fewer projects (sponsored posts). Fewer projects mean less blog earnings. Add up the fact that the current trend has shifted to social media marketing and YouTube, and people have been content with reading and reacting to just headlines on social media that only a handful of people bother to read actual content anymore.

And so here we are. A few weeks before the blog domains renew and I still can’t decide if it is even worth it to maintain my websites. Maybe I can just keep one that is more personal and dedma if I don’t update regularly. Or maybe I can put it off for another year and decide next year. Decisions. Decisions.


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