List of celebrities who are canceled for supporting past/present dictators and their ilk

We live at a time when political differences go beyond supporting leaders with different policies and styles in running things. It has become a choice between supporting ‘leaders’ who promote abuse, misogyny, impunity, and even murder and those who have the courage to stand up and say no even if that means that they will be persecuted by those in power. I always choose the latter.

But this is a democracy. Celebrities, just like anyone else, are free to choose who they want to support. As we, the public who follow them, are free to boycott their careers and everything that they represent should we think that they are not the role models that we want for us and for the next generation. You would have no qualms boycotting a celebrity should he/she support rape and pedophilia, right? How are impunity and murder any different?

Of course, the choice to support bad leaders does not necessarily make a person evil. It does, however, make you an accomplice to their evil acts and it gives us an idea as to what you are willing to overlook for any gains you may have gotten/potentially get for turning a blind eye. Or even, if you can see beyond your own self and look through the eyes of those who have lost everything as they did not have the privilege to fight back.

Some of the artists in this list I have followed and idolized since I was a kid. So imagine my disappointment when they turned out to be enablers of abuse in this country.

1. Lea Salonga
2. Sharon Cuneta
3. Kris Aquino
4. Robin Padilla
5. Richard Gomez
6. Aga Muhlach
7. Elizabeth Oropesa
8. Ai Ai delas Alas
9. Cesar Montano
10. Toni Gonzaga/Alex Gonzaga/Paul Soriano
11. All other D-listers at the Malacañang dinner 5/8/2019



Did I miss anyone?



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