Swosh – the new laundry service app that you have got to have

Living in the Metro isn’t always easy. Moreso for urban professionals who live independently. You have your work and life balance to juggle along with responsibilities, bills, chores, and the undying traffic that always gets in the way, eating up our precious time.

Good thing, we live at a time when app-based services actually help make our lives easier. Heck, they have become integral for us to even have a life where we can still enjoy and not worry about our endless to-do lists.

When in Manila, I have to have the following apps: GRAB/Angkas for transport, Honestbee/foodpanda for food and grocery deliveries, Eatigo/Zomato for discounts, GMovies to avoid the pesky movie queue, Grindr for entertainment (I kid, I kid), and recently, Swosh for laundry/dry clean services!

I discovered Swosh from a social media post raving about their service. Tested it out on a dirty pair of white sneakers that came back like it was new! I am sold!

Swosh connects you to multiple partner shops in your area so that allows them to cover all of your laundry needs – that includes dry cleaning, ultra-sonic shoe cleaning, and they even cater to pet items. Laundry is also super affordable at about P150 per bag of up to 8 kg. That is less than P20/kg! They pick-up and deliver on a specified date/time, and they have trained staff with real-good customer service skills which is a breath of fresh air because my old laundry service would reply to me with “Baka mamaya,” when I ask for my laundry to be picked up.

Swosh is available in Google Play and the App Store. You may follow them on Facebook, Instagram (@swosh_philippines) and Twitter (@swoshph) for updates and promos.



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