Tips for Wiser Christmas E-Shopping

It’s the season for 11.11s, Black Friday, Cyber Mondays and 12.12s. Whenever we go online, there seems to be some really good deal that we can’t pass up on and we usually don’t because online shopping is soooo easy to do. But did you know that some online sites actually jack up the “before” prices of items so the discounts look huge even when in reality, you are just buying the items at regular, non-sale store prices? 

So here are seven easy reminders for a wiser and regrets free online shopping experience:

Do not be deceived by fake discounts.

As mentioned above, now that the holiday season is officially on the roll, sale signages can be found anywhere even on online stores. Before you put that “discounted” item on your shopping cart, scrutinize first if the discounted amount is real and worth it. Apart from changing the before prices, there are online stores that offer huge discounts off the items but will ask you to pay for a hefty shipping price. Be wise enough to search across the web if the price offered by the online shopping site you’re looking into offers product prices that are same as suggested retail price.

Check authenticity.

Free yourself from worries of getting a fake product by buying items from authentic websites. If you’re looking for electronic gadgets to give your loved ones, the best place online to look for the best deals is an online hub that sells authentic smartphones from brand manufacturers and official distributors. An important note to take of regarding authenticity is the products should also come in sealed boxes together with warranty, online invoice and an official receipt given when your package is delivered to you.

Look for installment plans.

The holiday season can be extra demanding especially in terms of finances, so it’s a wise move to look for other options on how you can get a special gift for your loved ones. Luckily, there are online stores who let customers choose installment plans without leaving their website. With this, you can budget your savings while at the same time scoring the perfect gift for your friends and family.

Get Convenient Payment Options without additional charges.

Paying for the items on your shopping cart will be easier if you are given many payment options such as COD, online banking, credit cards, PayPal, G-Cash, Home Credit, Dragon Pay, and many others. However, not too many online stores offer the same price regardless of the payment option so avail of that bonus convenience.

Choose a store with easy-return policies and great customer service.

It is important to look for an online shop that values their customers by giving them easy return policies. Have a worry-free holiday shopping by going into online stores that have a friendly staff, or maybe a chatbot that can answer your queries in real-time.

Have your items delivered right at your doorstep.

Alongside the holiday cheer is the worsening traffic in the metro so instead of spending hours behind the steering wheel just to shop for gifts, why not just look for an online shop that offers free delivery right at your doorstep wherever you are in the Philippines? As mentioned earlier, watch out for e-commerce sites that require you to pay a large amount just for the shipping fee.

Save time by easy searching your desired gadget.

Looking for the perfect gift online might take you an hour or two. Shop at online stores that make it easy after you type the product’s first few letters on its search engine or by filtering for a specific brand, budget range, color, screen size, memory, etc. The site can immediately give you the best of the best in terms of specified search results. Advanced online stores can even help you compare several products side by side with a “compare button” to help you make a wise decision.

With all these in mind, gadget-centric online shopping hub makes sure that you have a worry-free holiday shopping spree with all its offerings and services.


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