A complete list of Starbucks Holiday offerings and 2019 planners

Filipinos always say that we celebrate Christmas for four long months. As soon as September hits, you start hearing Christmas songs in malls and the Jose Mari Chan classic ‘Christmas in Our Hearts’ starts playing in the airwaves. Christmas decorations follow not long after. And then starting November 2nd, the Starbucks Sticker Collection Season begins, ingraining itself as a contemporary Filipino Holiday tradition!

Starbucks has tons of offerings during the holidays but what both young and old always watch out for are the annual planners. Good news, there are four choices this year: two (2) regular planners in Espresso and Milk colors that feature a canvas finish with metallic gold and copper stamping and a canvas pouch; two (2) travel organizers in Dark Teal and Sienna that have pockets for your valuables. All four come with their own unique Special Edition Starbucks Card that get you a chance to win in the Starbucks for a Year promo when activated with at least P500.

18 stickers from ANY handcrafted beverage must be accumulated to redeem one planner or travel organizer. One sticker is awarded for any tall, grande, or venti drink. Stickers may be collected via paper promo card that you can get from any store for free or via the Starbucks mobile app. Note that stickers collected via mobile app cannot be converted to a paper sticker and vice versa.

Starbucks Planner Organizer Omnibus


Starbucks Card collectors will have a lot to look out for. Apart from the four (4) unique designs that come with the planners, there will also be a Snowman Card, Holiday Tree Card, and the Maligayang Pasko Card. All cards are available for an initial activation amount of P300.


Starbucks is serving up delightful seasonal beverages.  The classic favorites Toffee Nut Crunch Latte and Peppermint Mocha are making a comeback this year joined by the new Snowy Cranberry White Mocha.

Meanwhile, the Starbucks Christmas Blend, Starbucks Reserve Christmas Blend, and Christmas Blend Espresso Roast are available for those who are looking to brew the familiar Christmas flavors at home.


Keeping those extra calories off will be extra challenging with these food items that go perfectly with the holiday drinks: there’s the light and fluffy Almond Matcha Doughnut, the Choco Peanut Butter Bun filled with crushed roasted peanuts and a chocolate and peanut butter drizzle, the Choco Chip Overload Cookie, Cracked Cookie, Cereal Milk Pudding, and the Chocolate Toffee Nut Loaf. There are also cakes aplenty: the Chocolate Crepe Cake, Vanilla Blueberry Cake, and our favorite Chocolate Oat Cheesecake that has layers of creamy dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and vanilla white cheesecake on a chocolate oat crust. For those who aren’t fans of sweets, there’s the Chicken Fajita Roll, Baked Cheese Tart, and the Baked Burrito.

All holiday beverages, food items, and promos will be available starting November 2, 2018.


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