Stay online while traveling abroad via Smart Travel Wifi

Smart Travel Wifi

Anyone who travels would tell you that the most important thing to secure before any trip is a reliable data connection. Apart from being able to connect with friends and family via your social media accounts, it is imperative that you have ready access to maps, translator apps, or even just to image search that item that you are having a hard time describing to a local due to language barriers. Once, I had to show a waitress in Hong Kong an image of Coke as I thought she did not understand me when I was ordering because she kept saying “Cora, Cora”. Turns out that what she meant was Cola after we agreed on the google image that I showed her.

We usually buy a local sim or subscribe to individual data roaming connection whenever we travel out of the country. For our recent trip, however, we needed a more affordable single device that we could easily share among four people. Since both our moms are already retired, Jae and I agreed to take them with us on our international trips. In December 2015, the four of us went to Hong Kong. This year, we booked a tour that covered Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia so we needed an internet device that could seamlessly cover all three of our destinations.

The booking process for Smart Travel Wifi was quick and easy via the Smart website. I just indicated our destination, paid for the device online, and waited for it to be delivered at home. Abroad, I just turned it on and it automatically changed networks as we crossed borders. It was awesome and quite affordable at P390/day. Regular rate of P490/day applies to non-discounted Asian countries.


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Smart Travel Wifi can connect up to five devices with a consumable data allocation of 1GB/day. Once consumed, you may still continue browsing at a slower speed. Note that cheaper alternatives may only have an allocation of 500MB/day depending on the destination. You can have the device delivered for free within Metro Manila and with a delivery charge of P150 in other parts of the country. Smart will pick-up the device upon your return on your preferred location. Smart subscribers can opt to have the charge added to your bill. There is also an option to pay via credit card for non-subscribers and subscribers alike.


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