Hassle-Free Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas from Starbucks

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It’ll be Christmas in a few days and you still don’t have a gift picked out for family and friends. Heck, you don’t even have your exchange gift ready for work yet and your office Christmas Party is looming dangerously close.

We know exactly how that’s like. The holidays seem to sneak up on all of us. With all the year-end work and stress that we have to deal with, we keep putting off gift buying until the last second. But now, it’s crunch time! So here are some gift ideas to help you guys out.

Specific requests excluded, I generally do not give out gifts that I myself wouldn’t want to receive. Luckily, my wants can be easily found in any neighborhood Starbucks or Starbucks Reserve shops. And if the annual scrambling for Starbucks collectibles is any indication, I am quite certain that most people would love to have their merchandise as gifts as well.

Let’s start with the most coveted Starbucks collectible – the planner. This year’s Starbucks Planners for the Philippines come in two designs: Coffee Stains and Blue Siren. Without even trying, I have so far collected enough stickers for three planners since the start of the holiday season. All those meetings, coffee tambay with friends, and even working offsite have really paid off. And all I need to do is check who among my friends have professed love for anyone who can give them a planner on their social media posts and voila, instant Christmas gift! Not only does it say that you heeded their request, it also says “I drank so much coffee just so you can have this!” That counts for a LOT! Stickers are awarded all throughout the holiday season so you have time to catch up if you haven’t started yet.


Another great idea is the Limited Edition Starbucks card that was released on December 5th. But since that is harder to come by than a thinking person in political exchanges online, I would suggest getting the holiday designed cards that come in pairs of big and small sizes. They are consumable so they double up as a gift and an ongoing coffee libre for the next month or so which is both practical and thoughtful!

For coffee lovers, Starbucks has an exquisite line of artisan coffee beans on sale. These would go perfectly with Starbucks mugs and tumblers. My personal recommendation are the all the Teavana collectibles and those minimalist black designed merchandise that you can get exclusively from the Reserve stores. Bundle them up with a Bear-ista and you are good to go.

See, it is not yet too late to win Christmas this year. And you don’t even need to go far to find quality gifts.

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