Marcia Adams Mediterranean Restaurant

If you are in the mood for something Mediterranean and you’re headed to Tagaytay, set Waze or Google maps over to Marcia Adams Restaurant. There awaits, seemingly hidden in a Tuscan-inspired secret garden, a quaint restaurant with beautiful old walls and rustic interiors.

Needless to say, I love places that make you feel like being shut out of the world. I feel like it inspires creativity or at least makes you imagine how it’s like to be a character in a storybook. Top it off with Tagaytay’s cool weather and good food, and you have the perfect destination for your weekend escape.

The restaurant serves 3-course meals that include an appetizer and dessert but you may add soup or an optional side dish like the Ratatouille. For the main course, you can choose from three categories – grills, kebabs, and stews/casseroles. What you really have to look forward to though are the desserts especially the grilled orange with Bulla vanilla ice cream which is to die for.

There is a minimum cover charge of P700 and 10% service charge per adult. For reservations, SMS 09178011456.

All images © 2016 Dale Bacar.


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