The Magical World of Disney

HK Disneyland

The first time that we went to Disneyland, it was August. The heat and humidity in Hong Kong that time of the year was unbearable even at early hours of the morning but we didn’t mind. From the time that we boarded the train with Mickey Mouse-shaped windows and matching handles, we were already in Fantasia and we could hardly contain our excitement.

As with any of our travels, our first order of business upon arriving was to look for FOOD! We got directions to the Royal Banquet Hall which was a sight to behold on its own. Adorned by majestic halls and sweeping archways, the banquet was highlighted by statues of Disney Princesses dancing with their respective Princes. We couldn’t help but feel like we were guests in a Royal Ball, feasting with beloved characters that we knew too well.



Throughout the day, we roamed around the palace grounds, took pictures of the Royal garden, stalked Mickey Mouse and his friends on the big parade, screamed our lungs out aboard the Big Grizzly Runaway Mine Cars and relived the tale of the Lion King in a flashy musical extravaganza.

For most of us, Disney represents our entire childhood. Those years when our notion of good and evil were shaped by stories of Princes and Princesses, of fairy godmothers and the often misunderstood witch. It was a time when we believed that kindness and love can heal all ails – and a time when we knew in our hearts that magic is real.


Disneyland is a place infused with the wishes and dreams of every man, woman, and child that comes to visit. In every ride, every memento and every character that you meet in its streets, lies a memory – all wonderfully capped by the most magical fireworks display at the end of day. I cried like a baby watching the display of lights. Lulled by songs from a distant past, I was my old self again, life was easier, and anything, even magic was again possible.

All images © 2013-2015 Dale Bacar.


In the Philippines, experience the magic of Disney on December 25 to January 3 with Disney on Ice: Magical Ice Festival. Through its partnership with SUN Cellular, you may win tickets simply by joining games and trivia on the SUN Facebook Page.

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