A weekend cabin retreat near the Metro via AirBNB

I have always wanted to spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods. To be precise, I have always wanted to say that I spent a weekend in a cabin just like in them old Hollywood films. Of course my idea does not include the ‘roughing it’ part nor the scary monsters in that Joss Whedon film.

Finally, thanks to AirBNB, we found a cabin in Tagaytay that is perfect for when you want to stay someplace secluded but with all the comfort of a hotel stay. I am not even just saying the secluded part as there was barely any mobile signal (ergo no internet) in the cabin for any network. We had to go all the way up the road just so we can post Instagram photos because as you know – the stay ain’t complete if we can’t Instagram it.

The cabin is inside Woodsborough Log Homes, a quiet community around 10-15 minutes away from Bag of Beans. The house can accommodate 15-20 people but the advertised rate of P10,139/night on AirBNB is good for the initial six pax only. Any additional person pays P441/night. Living and dining areas are huge plus there is a caretaker that can help you cook and clean up. One minor concern is that they don’t allow pets inside the house and since there is a maid, you cannot sneak one in so it is best not to bring them along.

I was initially concerned that I wouldn’t know what to do sans internet but there was a television with satellite TV connection. Apart from that, I think ‘normal’ people would bond and talk to each other in a place like this. Introvert that I am, I decided to walk around the area instead which was pretty safe as it is nestled inside an exclusive residential village. It can get pretty dark out at night but you can survive so long as your mobile phones have those built-in flashlights. Outdoors under the clear skies, the fairly cold Tagaytay weather and a host of weird animal sounds, it almost felt like we were camping. The best part is, when you get tired of it, you can always go back inside the house, light up the fireplace or sleep in an airconditioned room.

Speaking of AirBNB, here’s some good news for SUN and SMART Subscribers! From now until March 31, 2016, you can get a P2500 discount on your AirBNB booking to any destination in the world! To avail of a discount code, just type SUNAIRBNB and text it to 2488 or SMARTAIRBNB and send it to 2855. You may use the code upon checkout when you book for a minimum of P8000. Promo is applicable to any booked travel until December 2016.

For more information, click here for SUN and here for SMART.


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