Switching over to SUN


I have a confession to make. I am not a big fan of cheap items and services. I don’t settle for brands just because they are cheaper, I don’t go out of my way to check out discount items and sales, and I would much rather spend more on a good meal than spend less on food that is barely edible.

That said, I do believe in value for my money. Sometimes, more expensive things aren’t exactly better. And sometimes, brands can have all the right gimmicks, image, and publicity but their service remains intolerable. This is the reason why it is important to always spend smart and choose better especially on services that affect our daily lives.

After years of being with GLOBE Telecom, I finally decided to check out the competition. Guided by online forums, feedbacks and rants, I made the decision to switch over to SUN Cellular. With SUN, I realized that I do not have to pay more for the same services that I am used to getting. Particularly with Sun Postpaid 450 – it offers unlimited calls and texts to Sun, 250 texts to other networks, 20 hours of browsing data which is perfect for my games and streaming needs, and an Android phone to boot. I had to switch over the sim to my iPhone though just because I get serious sepanx issues when I part from it but whether you decide to go Android or iOS, the same apps and services are available.

SUN changed the telecommunications landscape in 2004 by spearheading various unli-promos that were eventually offered by competing brands. More than a decade later, SUN refuses to be counted out of the mobile network war, outdoing rival GLOBE Telecom in year-on-year postpaid subscriber growth in the first quarter of 2015. SUN still proves to be a better alternative for anyone that decides to #ChooseBetter and I am glad that I joined that movement.


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