Budget-friendly tips for an awesome weekend


P200 isn’t much these days especially if you plan to hang out with your friends. Going to the mall, watching a movie, eating your favorite meals usually mean a huge dent on your budget. So what you can do instead on a lazy weekend is invite a few friends over, watch movies or tv series on iflix, and prepare some budget-friendly grub that you can all enjoy.

My friends love my home-cooked adobo but this week, we decided to pretend that we were healthy and prepared something different. Armed with some leftover strawberries from Baguio and fruits from the local market, we threw together what eventually became our new favorite weekend snack – Banana Cheesecake Watermelon Pizza!

So here’s how this is done: First, you mix together some cream cheese (this is available on most supermarkets) and powdered sugar, spread this over watermelon that is sliced to hold toppings like pizza dough, add up sliced strawberries and bananas. Sprinkle white chocolates and pecan on top (optional). Serve cold. Don’t forget to get a snap for Instagram before you and your friends start digging in!

Speaking of friends, keeping in touch is just as affordable as our weekend snack here. With Sun Cellular, you can have unlimited Sun texts, 1000 texts to all networks, and 5 hours of Tri-net Calls valid for 30 days for only P200 by texting TU200 to 247! Now see, affordable can be awesome too!

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