Gadget shopping for the new year

To welcome the new year, we got a few upgrades to our current gadgets! It was really about time too! Since we usually skip one update, we make full use of the gadgets that we buy before we replace them. So this year, we retired our old iPhone 4s for a 5s and the older iPad 3 Retina for an iPad Air.

This is pretty much the happiest that a gadget junkie can get… until maybe when it’s time to replace my Macbook Pro but that would probably take a few more years.

Of course, along with the upgrade is the need to accessorize! I am not really a big fan of using a case for my iPhone as I like the way it looks bare and I am pretty careful with it anyway. But for the iPad Air, we saw this nifty looking cover that doubles as a keyboard in one of Geekynights host – Dale Azcueta’s Instagram posts.

We went to every A Shop, Digital Walker and just about any tech store in the Metro in search of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover to no avail. In local online stores, I saw only second-hand units and the ones for regular iPads that were sold for P5400.

So it was time to use GCASH American Express Virtual Pay! With it, I don’t really have to worry about getting items that are available only abroad because I can get them hassle-free and with pretty low delivery rates!

With taxes and shipping to my US Address (via, I got the item for only $76.29 (P3433 at $1=P45 conversion). Shipping cost to the PH is computed at $11.98 (P539). That brings me to a total of P3972 only with no pricey customs tax to worry about.

Anyway, to learn more about the benefits of GCASH, click here. You may also click here to sign up for your very own account!
Have a Happy NewYear everyone and have a merry year shopping!

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