Joyce Ramirez talks PR strategy, INTERXN and her big switch to GLOBE Telecom

High profile public relations practitioner Joyce Ramirez, who enjoys as much popularity, celebrity status and following as the brands and endorsers that she has handled, talked to us about her latest digital media management venture, her strategy in handling the infamous black ops in social media, and her big switch to GLOBE Telecom after a quick but memorable stint with the competing network.

Joyce has three (3) agencies to date: PR ASIA – the mothership agency which handles traditional and digital PR with offices in Manila & Bangkok; Creative Media Group – a Los Angeles based unit that brokers entertainment deals such as Hollywood endorsers (as well as overseas production shoot management); and most recently INTERXN – a digital media management group that handles some of the biggest digital influencers in the country today.

INTERXN represents social media accounts that have high clout, influence and following. These accounts are utilized for promotional services to brands and clients alike. Overshadowing even local celebrities with millions of followers, INTERXN now has a collective following of about 13 Million Twitter users and 7 Million Facebook users. The result is guaranteed brand visibility, increased views/likes/following, fan acquisition and trending topics that really engage the netizens.

Trained in PR for more than 12 years, Joyce has handled multi-million dollar campaigns for some of the biggest brands in and out of the country. Her most recent client, which came right after a very visible stint with its competitor, is GLOBE Telecom. On her big switch to the competing network, she clarified that the offer came when her contract with the previous client ended.

“I got a call from GLOBE asking if I was willing to work for them. Who would say no? I’ve been a GLOBE subscriber since 1997 – that makes me more than glad to be GLOBE.”

“With GLOBE, I am happy with where I am and quite impressed with the people I work with. There is mutual professional respect between us, so I think that is most important. I only started last month so I can’t wait to do more for them.”

“However, I am quite grateful for being given the opportunity to experience working with the other network. It was a great ride that led me to the clients that I have now so for that I am forever thankful. When you get older, you learn not to burn bridges because you’ll never know if we’ll work again in the future so no love lost there,” she said.


Known for starting the trend of bringing in Hollywood celebrities as endorsers for local brands, the next question on our list is if there are foreign endorsers planned for GLOBE Telecom. Joyce tells us that it is brand marketing that decides on advertising while her main role is to serve corporate PR. “The good thing is that should the need arise in future, then I am just a department or a meeting away from them,” she added.

In closing, we asked Joyce what her PR strategy is when she or the brand that she is representing is being attacked by the so-called “black operations” of the competing brand.

“Three words: SILENCE IS GOLDEN. Ignoring senseless attacks is the best strategy. After all, if you pay attention to a puny character, the stronger you make it. By ignoring them you conserve energy (power) instead of transferring it. The BLOCK button is the most invaluable tool.”



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