Review: Les Miserables


It was Jae’s first time to watch Les Miserables. The most he knew of it was of course On My Own and I Dreamed a Dream that were popularized by various artists of late. His reaction to the film was priceless. Check out his review below. – Dale

Jae’s Review:

Les Miserables is the most humiliating movie ever.

1. It will make you cry.
2. It will make you want to kill yourself for crying bucketloads since you know this is just a fictional story and you’re there bawling like a baby
3. Of all the times to forget a hanky, this will be it and you will be forced to use and reuse a piece of tissue you scavenged from your bag making for the messiest feeling ever
4. It will make you create weird noises from trying to stifle your sobbing and end up failing miserably that your seatmate starts to stare at you like you have some kind of contagious disease
5. The cinema will fucking open the lights immediately after the last scene and everyone will see how pathetic you look crying over a silly movie.
6. The patrons will leave as soon as the lights are on and while you still sit there trying to understand what just happened and why you’re still crying even after the movie has ended which will draw the ushers attention to you and smile and snicker to each other
7. When you finally leave the theater, your eyes will be so red and swollen that everyone will know without any doubt that you have bested the amount of Popoy’s tears in One More Chance.
8. You will still feel the effect of the characters’ miserable lives that even if there were a couple of cute guys in the washroom (where you were washing your face trying to get rid of all that redness) and another hot guy changing his shirt, you wouldnt care and start crying again.

I hate this movie.

Oh, and should you go and watch this movie? If you’re into theater or can appreciate it, yes. Otherwise, just stay at home. Bring a hanky and dark-colored shades, you’ll most likely need it.

Rating: 5/5


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