Penshoppe’s hot acquisition – Joyce Ramirez

After years of playing second fiddle to Bench, Penshoppe got a hot new acquisition that is putting them right back at the top of the game. No, I am not talking about Ed Westwick, Mario Maurer or even superstar Zac Efron. I am talking about Penshoppe’s muse, Joyce A. Ramirez of PR Asia Worldwide Communications Inc.


I still recall when Penshoppe seemed insignificant and whatever they did (and whoever endorsed them) just seemed dull compared to Bench’s plethora of hot endorsers and events. Then last year, as quickly as those Bench Volcano billboards were taken down in EDSA (and Bench’s decision to make endorsers out of people like Willie Revillame), Joyce Ramirez announced that Ed Westwick from the popular teen show Gossip Girl would be endorsing Penshoppe.My twitter timeline went ku-ray-zee with the news and Penshoppe was in the center of the limelight once again. And this wasn’t about to become a one-hit-wonder that is bound to be forgotten as fast as these clothing brands change styles per season. In just a few months, Joyce once again announced an even hotter new model – Asian Superstar, Mario Maurer.


Mario is beloved in Asia. Here in  the Philippines, he has a cult following off his very first movie, Love of Siam. I know that gay guys have claimed ownership of Maurer because of the theme of LoS but girls aren’t giving him up so easily especially with that Prince Charming persona he exuded in the movie, Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

With Maurer’s heart-tugging (and whatever other body parts you want tugged) smile leading the Penshoppe campaign, it was decidedly clear who was leading the brand war between Penshoppe and Bench. Not even international stars Bruno Mars and David Archuleta can pry any star-crossed fan from looking away from a Maurer poster.

But that apparently wasn’t enough. Penshoppe’s Joyce Ramirez is out to cement their new stature. Just when we thought she couldn’t do any better, she hinted at the acquisition of one of the most popular heartthrobs in the world.


As we hold our breath for a hot new campaign featuring Zac Efron which would probably come out in time for Bench’s annual underwear show, we salute the woman who singlehandedly made a local brand soar to epic proportions and international recognition. Hats off to Joyce.


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