Can’t Win ’em All

“In a time of impermanence and fly-by-night relationships, these people over here want the same chance at permanence and happiness that is your option. They don’t want to deny you yours. They don’t want to take anything away from you. They want what you want — a chance to be a little less alone in the world.” – MSNBC’s Keith Olberman

I supported two things strongly this November. Barack Obama and the NO vote on Proposition 8 that intends to ban gay marriages in California.

While the entire globe celebrated the history-making victory of Obama, proponents of equal rights in California took to the streets to protest the passing of Prop 8 which effectively overturned the SC ruling and banning gay marriages throughout the state.

This is a direct result of the misinformation spewed out by church organizations that promote divisiveness instead of love which is their primal doctrine. Atheists are not banned from getting married. Why then are gay people, who only want a chance to be in a legitimate relationship, be denied this right?

Proposition 8 is about suppression of rights. It is not about religion. It is not about preserving the sanctity of marriage. Pastors and priests will not be jailed if they refuse to perform this ceremony. This will not corrupt children. This is about fundamental rights and a chance for gay couples to be recognized legally. More importantly, this is the ultimate symbol of commitment and love – one that gay people have a right to just like any other straight man and woman.

More and more efforts are put in to fight this hateful ban. One that is fueled by the very churches that preach love and acceptance. One day, people will look back on this and wonder at how people allowed themselves to be blinded by such blatant lies. Until then, people who can see beyond the parading moralists will fight.

If you believe in Prop 8. If you believe the church and the organizations that “uphold” the sanctity of marriage, ask yourselves this. How is love between a man and a woman any different from gay people who would give their lives for their partner? Do you really uphold the word of your God by promoting this hateful ban or are you doing the bidding of hateful bigots who promote themselves as bearers of the holy word?


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